July 22, 2022

Malta offers the Direct Citizenship by Investment

Is the European Union your dream destination to live? Malta citizenship by investment is the perfect program for you.

When the European Union started attracting investors, many countries did not require residency before achieving citizenship. Investors just needed to invest and stay for a certain period as specified by the program of the country. What an astounding opportunity to get citizenship in an EU country!

However, the EU governments suspected that investors are not even staying in the country as per minimum requirements and the program is taken for granted. Hence, they stopped many countries from granting citizenship to investors directly. Now, first they need to get residency by investment. After the completion of residency visa, they can apply for citizenship.

If you are still looking out for ways to enter the EU without residency requirement, Malta is the answer. Malta is one of the few countries left from the EU that offers citizenship by investment program. You can reach out to us for further guidance and grab the opportunity.

Let’s look at the benefits you get along with citizenship of Malta by investment.

Visa-Free Travel

With a Malta investor visa on your passport, you can travel to not only the countries of the EU but also 140 other countries including the USA, Canada, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and many countries of South America without a visa. Additionally, you get the various European Union benefits along with citizenship of Malta.

Quality Life

Malta is a heavenly country which is a preferred tourist place for Europeans. Living in Malta, you can also enjoy various scenic holiday destinations the country has to offer. Additionally, you will also get public services like massive infrastructure, and secure banking. You and your family can leverage property rights and freedom of speech, as Maltese citizens. Thus, you get a quality life living in Malta.

Study & Work in EU Countries

You and your family get all rights just as other Maltese citizens. Your children can study in public schools and universities. You and your spouse can have massive opportunities to work in one of the rapidly-growing economies after achieving citizenship. Basically, you can live, study, and work freely.

Maltese Healthcare System

The country’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Their health insurance covers prescriptions, pregnancy, childbirth, hospitalizations, and specialist’s treatments.

In a nutshell, Malta citizenship by investment program is a tremendous opportunity for non-EU investors. You can enjoy the immense benefits that come with the citizenship of Malta.

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