May 26, 2021

These are unfortunate cases that reflect the plight of individuals and families who went to the UK without proper guidance and advice from immigration lawyers. They were advised by unregulated, inexperienced agents and consultants in India who give them false hopes about settling and starting a new life in the UK.

The hype and myth created by agents and consultants make vulnerable students and parents believe that once they study or arrive in the UK, their life is sorted and they will be able to settle there permanently. There are many individuals who go to the UK on a visitor visa and stay back in the UK as per the ill advice of their agents or consultants. They are lured by fabricated stories of how these agents and consultants managed to ‘settle’ thousands of such individuals in the UK because of their so-called ‘connections’. The honeytrap of these agents and consultants is – once you reach there, everything will be okay. Just leave India.

Gullible youngsters and parents often fall prey to these schemes and blindly fall into these traps. Our office has encountered a number of such cases whereby the careers and lives of these individuals are completely ruined.

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