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The government of St. Lucia launched its citizenship by investment program in 2016. In order to qualify under this program, a minimum investment must be made either in the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund, an approved real estate project, in government bonds or in enterprise projects.

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program Requirements:

  • Anyone above 18 years of age
  • Of good moral character
  • Having sufficient funds to invest in the country

St Lucia Citizenship Investment Options:

Saint Lucia offers four different options to investors looking to invest in the island nation and obtain its passport. The four options are:

  • Saint Lucia National Economic Fund
  • Real Estate Projects
  • Enterprise Projects
  • Government Bonds

Applicant must submit an application for Citizenship by Investment only through an authorized agent appointed by the government.

The average processing time from receipt of an application to notification of the outcome is generally 3 months.

I. Saint Lucia National Economic Fund:

Under this option applicants make a contribution to The Saint Lucia National Economic Fund. The investments received in this fund are utilized to finance government sponsored projects that help in the growth of the island nation.

A qualified applicant can apply for citizenship of St. Lucia under this option by making the following investment:

  • Applicant applying alone: US$100,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse: US$140,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse and up to two qualifying dependents: US$150,000
  • Each additional qualifying dependent applying along with the main applicant, spouse and two other qualifying dependents – US$15,000

Each additional qualifying dependent, of any age: US$25,000

II. Real Estate Projects: 

The St. Lucia Cabinet of Ministers approve the real estate projects that can be considered eligible under the Citizenship by Investment Program. Investors can invest in two types of real estate projects:

  • High-end branded hotels and resorts
  • High-end boutique properties

The minimum investment amount is US$300,000 (for main applicant).

Applicants are required to sign a binding purchase and sales agreement and invest in an approved real estate project. Investment, equalling the agreed purchase price, is then deposited in an approved irrevocable escrow account managed jointly by the developer and the Citizenship by Investment Unit in Saint Lucia.

III. Enterprise Project: 

As with the real estate projects, The Cabinet of Ministers of St. Lucia also approve the enterprise projects that can be considered eligible under the Citizenship by Investment Program.

Approved enterprise projects include:

  • Specialty Restaurants
  • Cruise ports and marinas
  • Agro-processing plants
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Ports, bridges, roads and highways
  • Research institutions and facilities
  • Offshore universities

The minimum investment required is as follows:

Option 1 – Single applicant

A minimum investment of US$3,500,000

Option 2 – More than one applicant (joint venture)

A minimum investment of US$6,000,000 with each applicant contributing no less than US$1,000,000

IV. Government bonds:

 Under this option, applicant can apply for citizenship of St. Lucia by purchasing non-interest-bearing government bonds. These bonds must be registered and must remain in the name of the applicant for a holding period of five years from the date of first issue.

The applicants are required to make the following minimum investment:

  • Applicant applying alone: US$500,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse: US$535,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse and up to two other qualifying dependents: US$550,000
  • Each additional qualifying dependent: US$25,000

- Benefits of St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

  • Applicants can choose from four options which range from an investment amount of US$100,000 to US$3,500,000 for a single applicant
  • Short processing times
  • No interview or language requirement
  • No requirement of physical presence
  • Inclusion of dependent children under 25 years, dependent parents above 65 years and mentally or physically challenged dependent children and/or parents
  • Visa-free travel to over 120 countries around the world
  • Good quality of life
  • No tax on worldwide income

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