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  • Ajmera Law Group (ALG) is an Indian law firm that assists Indian students and parents to plan for their or their child’s foreign education and subsequent settlement in a foreign country by offering various options including Residency and Citizenship by Investment and/or global investment.
  • ALG provides legal services in early planning for your children's foreign education and settlement so as to secure their future, protect your wealth and ensure the best retirement life for you.
  • As an Immigration attorney in India, ALG achieve our beliefs by providing honest and truthful legal advice to each one of our clients.

Why plan for foreign education & settlement?

  • To secure your child’s future
  • To protect your assets
  • To have the best quality of life post retirement

About Ajmera Law Group (ALG):

We have been advising Indian students and parents in planning for their or their child’s foreign education and settlement options since 1993. We are associated with the top  immigration law firms and professionals around the world to provide world class services to our clients. Ajmera Law Group was founded by Mr. Prashant Ajmera in 1993, who is an

 Indian immigration lawyer

, Canadian citizen and author of the two books on the subject which is the first of its kind book in India namely “Millionaires on the move” and “How to plan for your child’s Foreign education”.


We assist in planning for study abroad and subsequent settlement.
We also provide assistance and advice regarding foreign investment in different asset classes in all major countries of the world.

Ajmera Law Group advises Indian parents on how and when to plan for their child’s foreign education and settlement, protect their assets and secure a safe and happy retirement life.

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Ajmera Law Group has more than 28 years of experience and a dedicated team to assist and advise each client personally.

ALG advises honestly and transparently on all matters related to settling abroad which vow for your success!


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, Our Primary practice has been to provide planning for child’s foreign education and his settlement. Please refer to our blog and news for latest news and updates in the industry.