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Skilled and Professional immigration

This is one of the most economical and popular migration programs in the world. It is offered by three countries – Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The most unique feature of this program is that to apply under this category, applicants do not need a job offer from an employer from these countries. The applicants can apply for permanent immigration or residency under the selected occupations which are published by the respective government. Generally, this list of occupations includes those that are in short supply and hence known as the demand occupation list.

The entire selection process for immigration is based on a point system wherein predetermined points are awarded to an applicant for the following criteria:

  1. Level of education
  2. Age
  3. Work experience related to education
  4. English level proficiency (and/or French language proficiency in case of Canada)
  5. Education and work experience in the destination country
  6. Close/blood relative living in the destination country
  7. Spouse’s education, age, work experience and language proficiency

The points are calculated against each criterion and if applicant receives the necessary points, the application is approved. The applicant, along with his/her dependents then receives unconditional permanent residency of the country after following due process.

Compared to studying abroad and then obtaining permanent residency, this is a more economical way to settle in the desired foreign country in terms of time and money.