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How to plan for your child’s foreign education?

If you are interested in planning for your child’s foreign education and settlement, Ajmera Law Group’s legal and consulting services can be of great assistance to you.

Since 1993 Ajmera Law Group has assisted more than 10,000+ students and parents in making the right decision for study and settlement abroad, helping them save almost 80% in foreign education fees.

Our legal consulting services help you make the correct decision for studying in a foreign country, give you an honest and realistic picture regarding studying and settling abroad and prepare you for your permanent immigration plans even before you leave your home country.

We provide a complete 360 degree view regarding studying and settling in a foreign country.

Studying abroad is not the only option to settle overseas. There are several other options that can help advance your or your child’s career and save you lakhs of rupees in unnecessary expenditure on foreign tuition fees and living expenses.

The consulting services are provided by lawyer Mr. Prashant Ajmera, founder of Ajmera Law Group. He is an NRI, author and Canadian citizen with 30 years of experience in the field of immigration and visa matters.

You may also refer to our web site for more information or purchase Prashant Ajmera’s paper book or ebook from Amazon / Google tilted, “How To Plan For Your Child’s Foreign Education in 2020ne – Myth v/s Reality” or from our website – www.ajmeralaw.com/ebook

We provide customized advice that is in your best interest.