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Investing in financial markets of USA and 50 other countries

ALG has established a new portal, namely, Ajmera Capital.com, to assist Indian HNIs wishing to make an investment in foreign stock markets and financial products.

From one single demat account in your name, you can make an investment in 56 stock markets around the world in eight different asset classes such as –  shares, ETC, bonds and several derivatives. A qualified investor platform offers a demo account so that you can get accustomed to the platform and then make an investment.

Our online platform provides direct access to legitimate stock markets of USA and others around the globe. This platform acts as your broker, providing direct and quick access global stock markets. Indian stock markets do not provide such direct access and investors are required to hire the services of a stock broker.

The transactions are completely legal as per Indian and foreign laws and money is transferred through wire only.

Please visit our portal at www.ajmeracapital.com and open your account now.