Immigration to Canada – New plan announced for three years


Immigration to Canada – New plan announced in November 2017

Canada has long history of taking immigrants from all over the world in last 25 years and this has become more obvious when government of Canada announced their next three years pan for taking total number of new immigrants.
As per latest plan in the year 2018 -2010 government wish to except 310,000, 330,00 and 340,000.

This is equivalent to 1.3% of the total population of Canada. In the past government has accepted 1% of the total population and total number of immigrant was less than 300,000.

Here is the data for several categories:

2018 2019 2020 Total  

% Increase

Economic Programs Range Target Range Target Range
Express Entry, Skill and Canada Exp. class 71,700 72,700-78,200 74,900 76,000- 83,000 81,400 81,000-88,000 +19.66%
Atlantic Pilot Program 2,000 500- 2,000 1,000 1,000-4,000 2,000 2,000-4,000 +100%
Caregivers 18,000 15,000-20,000 17,000 9,500-15,500 14,000 4,000-7,000 -72.22%
Business 500 500-1,000 700 500-1,500 700 500-1,500 +40%
Provincial Nominee Programs 51,000 53,000-57,400 55,000 57,000-63,500 61,000 62,000-68,500 +32.94%
Quebec Skilled Worker Program and Quebec Business 29,300 27,900-29,900 28,900 31,500-33,500 32,500 31,500- 33,500 +10.92%
All Economic Programs 172,500  169,600– 188,500 177,500 175,500201,000 191,600 181,000-202,500 +13.51


This rise in total immigration number is clear indication that Canadian Government wish to attract more immigrants. However from overall interest from all the countries in recent years many prospective immigrant may find immigration to Canada rules difficult. However due to high demand of Canada immigration bar is raised higher and higher.

On the other hand one may also realise that compare to Australia and New Zealand, Canada is accepting 5 times more immigrants per years only after USA.

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