April 29, 2021

Are you looking for a second home in the world!

A quick analysis of the Residency & Citizenship by investment program of the world!!

Ajmera Law Group’s analysis and comparison of RCI programs of several countries will surprise you.

To attract the right kind of global businesspersons and entrepreneurs to their countries, two G-7 countries have reduced the investment amount which is now the lowest in the world.


Name of the country Investment amount Name  of the visa program  
USA US$ 200,000 to 1,800,000 Non-Immigrant L1, E2 visa, and Green card under EB-5
Ireland € 500,000 Permanente residency
Australia A$ 500,000 Business innovation Stream (Provisional to PR)
New Zealand NZ$ 100,000 Permanente residency
Canada CD$ 100,000 PNP Business program ( temporary residency to PR)
UK £ 50,000 Innovator visa (ILR)
Malta € 250,000 Permanente residency
Cyprus € 300,000 Permanente residency
Portugal € 350,000-500,000 Golden Visa – Permanente residency
Spain € 500,000 Golden Visa – Permanente residency
Greece € 250,000 Golden Visa – Permanente residency
Bulgaria € 512,000 Permanente residency
Turkey US$ 250,000 Citizenship
Grenada US$ 150,000 Citizenship
Carrabin Countries US$ 100,000+ Citizenship


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