January 1, 2022

Common mistakes made by parents and students while planning for study abroad!

Here are my 10 quick tips.   (Video version)

  1. Study abroad after grade 12 only if money is not a problem!
  1. Take IELTS coaching from an institute that does not provide student visa consultancy!
  1. STUDYING ABROAD does not translate to ‘Your life is set’!
  1. Study abroad only in recognized programs at university where immigration is possible!
  1. “Post-graduate Diploma” in colleges is not a Master’s degree!
  1. After studying abroad, immigration is not automatic!
  1. There is no guarantee that you will find a job that can finance your study. Always find employment related to your education!
  1. For licensed professionals, make sure you have the right to practice in India or the right to immigrate to the country of your choice!
  1. Do your own research, consult immigration lawyers and plan your career early and for the long term!
  1. Studying abroad is NOT the only option available to settle abroad. There are several other better options available!

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Who is Prashant Ajmera? 

Prashant Ajmera is a reputed Indian lawyer, NRI, and Canadian citizen since 1997 with more than twenty–five years of experience in the field of cross-border personal law and global investment advisory. He has assisted numerous HNIs and UHNIs in planning their finances and advised them in planning their children’s foreign education in the most economical manner.

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