Videsh Vidya Foundation is a CSR initiative of Ajmera Law Group.

Why this initiative?

As per the data published by the Reserve Bank of India, Indian parents have remitted US$ 10 billion = Rs. 75,000 crores, in the year 2019-20 for their children’s foreign education and living expenses. Click here

The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has stated that the ministry receives at least one complaint daily within or outside of India from aspiring students who have been cheated or misguided by student visa agents or consultants.

Ironically, this Rs. 75,000 crore student visa industry in India is served by agents and consultants who are not regulated or governed by a professional organization.

One way to address this is issue by creating awareness amongst Indian students and parents about studying abroad by means of printed materials, webinars, seminars and talk shows.

The founder of the Videsh Vidya Foundation, Mr. PrashantAjmera has published book, namely, “How to plan for your child’s foreign education in 2020ne? – Myth v/s Reality” . He regularly conducts webinarsseminars and writes blogs regarding studying abroad and the pitfalls that Indian students face during their endeavor of go abroad to study or settle.

VideshVidya Foundation, a CSR initiative of Ajmera Law Group, aims to create awareness across Indiain every educational institute, amongst students and parentsregarding the pros and cons of going abroad to study.

If you are an educational institute, corporate or organization who wishes to conduct webinars/ seminars on this subject for students, parents or employees, we will be happy to conduct the same. Since this our CSR initiative, we do not charge any fees nor do we ask for any travel expenses.

However, if feel that you have received valuable information, you may donate any amount of your choice to our foundation. We do not call or follow up for donations and do not collect data of attendees.  All the proceeds received by the foundation are used to assist economically challenged bright students in India who are unable to complete secondary and post-secondary education due to their financial circumstances.

This foundation is formed to fulfill the following SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES:

  1. Directly or indirectly assist economically challenged Indian students to complete their education at least up to degree level.
  2. Directly or indirectly assist well qualified, economically challenged Indian students to study or settle aboard for a brighter future.