United Kingdom – The First Industrialized Nation

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, also commonly known as the United Kingdom, the UK, or Britain, is a sovereign state consisting of Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland ) and Northern Ireland. It is located in the southeast part of the British Isles.

The United Kingdom was the world’s first industrialized country and has played a leading role in developing parliamentary democracy and in advancing literature and science. The second half of the 20th century witnessed the dismantling of the British Empire and the UK rebuilding itself into a modern and prosperous European nation. Today UK remains a major economic and military power, with considerable political and cultural influence around the world.

As one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council, a founding member of NATO, and of the Commonwealth of Nations, the UK pursues a global approach to foreign policy. The UK is also an active member of the EU, although it chose to remain outside the Economic and Monetary Union. It is also a member of the G8, G20, OECD, the Council of Europe and the World Trade Organisation.

The United Kingdom has a parliamentary system of governance under a constitutional monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is head of state of the UK.

Today UK is the sixth-largest economy in the world. The partially regulated market economy is highly developed and diversified. It is a predominantly service based economy with services such as banking, insurance, and business taking precedence over others.

Agriculture is also a major player in the economy. In recent years, the UK economy has been managed in accordance with principles of market liberalization and low taxation and regulation.

London, the capital city, is a major center for international business and commerce and is the world’s largest financial center. 

Business immigration to the United Kingdom:

  1. Tier I Entrepreneur Visa:£50,000

Eligible applicants for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa (£50,000) of UK arethose who –

  • Wish to set up or run a business in the UK
  • Are from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland
  • Meet the other eligibility requirements

The applicant must have a Start-Up company and the following government approved funds or VC firms must be willing to invest at least £50,000 in the start-Up.

  • a UK entrepreneurial seed funding competition endorsed by the Department for International Trade (DIT)
  • a UK government department making funds available for the purpose of setting up or expanding a UK business
  • a venture capital firm registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  1. Tier I Entrepreneur Visa: £200,000

Eligible applicants for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa (£200,000) of UK are those who have access to £200,000 in investment funds and can prove that the money is either:

  • your own
  • made available to you by other people (‘third parties’), such as a spouse, partner or investor
  • in a joint account with your spouse or partner but only if they aren’t applying for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa
  • The funds must be held in the UK if you’re applying for leave to remain.

Under this category, applicants need to provide:

  • a current passport or other valid travel identification
  • evidence of the investment funds available
  • a business plan
  • evidence that applicant can support himself/herself during their stay in UK
  • proof that applicant meets the English language requirement (minimum band of 5 in each IELTS module)
  • tuberculosis test results if applicant is from a country where testing is mandatory
  • a criminal record certificate from any country in which applicant has stayed in for a total of 12 months or more over the last 10 years

Applicants are required to undertake an exploratory trip to UK and meet potential business associates with whom the applicant is likely to make an investment.

Our firm can assist applicants in finding a suitable business as per their background.  

  1. Tier I Investor Visa

 Applicants can apply for this visa category if –

  • They have £1,000,000 or more of their own money for investment in the UK;


  • They have £2,000,000 or more in personal assets, plus a loan of £1,000,000 or more for investment in the UK.

If applicant has £1,000,000 of his/her own money for investment in the UK,

This money must:

  • be held in a regulated financial institution;
  • be disposable in the UK; and
  • amount to £1,000,000 or more.

It must be held overseas or in the UK at the time of application.

If the money is not held in pounds sterling, it must be converted into pounds sterling to show that the applicant has the minimum investment required.

Applicants can also rely on money jointly owned with his/her partner (husband, wife, civil partner, unmarried partner or same-sex partner), and on money that is owned solely by the partner or spouse.

In that case, the applicant must have:

  • an unrestricted right to transfer and dispose of this money; and
  • the partner’s or spouse’s permission to have control of this money in the UK.

 If the applicant has £2,000,000 in personal assets and a £1,000,000 loan for investment in the UK

The net value of applicant’s personal assets must be at least £2,000,000 afterall liabilities have been taken into account.

Assets held by applicant’s partner (husband, wife, civil partner, unmarried partner or same-sex partner), either jointly or in their own name, can be taken into account when assessing applicant’s net worth.

Applicant may borrow the entire £1,000,000 of investment money, which must be:

  • held in a regulated financial institution; and
  • disposable in the UK.

The loan must be made by an ‘authorized financial institution’ which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

One cannot mix personal money and borrowed money in order to meet the total £1,000,000 investment required to score 75 points.

Depending on the interest rate in UK, interest on loan amount could be 170,000 -220,000 pounds which can be considered as cost of financing.

Who can qualify?

The following individuals can qualify to apply for residency in the U.K. under the Investor Program:

  • Those individuals who are already in the UK and want to make an application as an investor;
  • Those individuals who are already in the UK in the Tier 1 (Investor) category or the former ‘investor’ category, and want to extend their permission to stay in the U.K. under Tier 1 (Investor);
  • Those individuals who are applying for permission to enter the UK (known as ‘entry clearance’) in the Tier 1 (Investor) category.

Under changes made in 2011, foreign entrepreneurs and investors are being given an extra incentive to come to the UK by new visa rules, which will reward those who contribute to economic growth.

Under changes to the immigration rules, people who come to the UK under Tier 1 (Investor) of the points-based system will be able to settle in UK faster if they invest large sums of money.

Those who invest £5 million will be allowed to settle in UK after 3 years, and those investing £10 million or more will be allowed to settle in UK just after 2 years. This compares with the current minimum 5-year requirement.

The right to accelerated settlement will apply to those investors who are already in the UK and have invested large sums, as well as new arrivals.

Benefits of the U.K. Investor Program:

There is no requirement to demonstrate English language ability or to provide separate funds for personal maintenance under this program.

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