We are a law firm with very specialize area of practice – Residency and Citizenship by investment.

When you hire our services, you hire a lawyer to legally advise you in making Real Estate investment outside India and choosing right country to receive residency and citizenship by investment.

We are well positioned to advise our client not only for one country and one program but several county’s residency and citizenship programs.

  • First and foremost we understand and get the information about client, family, his business
  • We try to understand the goal or objective of the client for obtaining residency and citizenship by investment or second passport
  • Based on the above facts and circumstance we provide various options to client for obtaining residency and citizenship by investment
  • Once client decides to engage service of our law firm, we take more detail look at the clients assets and how he is raising the fund for investment.
  • On each assets and fund to be raised we advise on weather those source of income is legitimate source of income or not?
  • Also provide list of documents needed for each source of income
  • Once clients brings all documents it is personally processed by Mr. Ajmera and advised client for any missing documents and information.
  • Once all information is received along with documents file is submitted to either associate lawyer or submitted to the respective government department.
  • We provide very detail advise on each an very stage to collect the documents.

As we are based in India, we can do processing very quickly and advise you on preparing each document.

We also advice you on remittance of fund from India to abroad.

We have portfolio of Real Estates projects with top regional centres in USA and around the world to choose from for your requirements.

We also advice you if you have selected projects in USA or any other part of the world.

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  • Law office of Prashant Ajmera & Associates

    Law office of Prashant Ajmera & Associates
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