Videsh Vidhya Foundation

Welcome to Videsh Vidya Foundation, a compelling Professional Social Responsibility (PSR)  initiative of Ajmera Law Group. Our mission is to spread awareness throughout India within educational institutions, targeting students and parents, regarding the advantages and considerations of pursuing education abroad.

**How We Can Help:**

If you represent an educational institute, corporation, or organization interested in hosting webinars or seminars on the topic of “Studying Abroad” and “International career  counseling” for students, parents, or employees, we are delighted to offer our expertise.

As part of our PSR commitment, we do not impose any fees or request travel expenses for our sessions. We are dedicated to providing valuable information without financial burden.

The seminar or webinar will be conducted by Advocate Prashant Ajmera, founder of Ajmera Law Group,  a Canadian citizen and author of two books on the subject.  Click here to his full resume.

The duration of webinar or webinar can be one hour and more.

**Supporting a Worthy Cause:**

While our services are free, if you find our information valuable, we invite you to contribute any amount of your choice to Videsh Vidya Foundation. Rest assured, we do not engage in follow-up calls for donations, nor do we collect attendee data. All proceeds received by the foundation go towards aiding economically challenged, bright students in India, enabling them to overcome financial barriers to complete their secondary and post-secondary education.

**Our Social Responsibilities:**

  1. *Direct Assistance:* Support economically challenged Indian students in completing their education, up to the degree level.
  2. *Global Opportunities:* Facilitate well-qualified, economically challenged Indian students to study or settle abroad for a brighter future.

**Get Involved:**

To arrange a webinar or seminar or to receive a complimentary copy of our book, please reach out to us via email at  []

Join us in making education accessible and empowering deserving students to shape their futures. Together, let’s bridge gaps and create opportunities for a brighter tomorrow.