Our firm has been practicing business immigration since 1994. Over the years, we have assisted several hundred businessmen to invest their hard earned money in countries such as Canada and USA and obtain permanent residency status in those countries.

Here are testimonials from some of our esteemed clients who have settled permanently in the country of their choice by obtaining permanent residency under the Business Immigration Category: 

EB-5 Visa testimony from an Indian client in Mumbia, India

We got to know about The Law Office of PrashantAjmera& Associates from a magazine article. We met Mr.Ajmera in Mumbai for information on the procedure for EB5 VISA.  He had an answer for all our questions, concerns and gave us a complete picture of the process until the VISA is received.  After the first meeting with him, my husband and myself were convinced that our EB5 VISA application would be filed through his office.

From the day we filed our application until we received the VISA, Mr.Ajmera was very prompt in communicating with us by email and over the phone, on the documents required, forms to be filled up, process etc.. We experienced that he was very methodical in compiling and filing the documents with the consular authorities. This is very vital to ensure that the VISA application is processed without papers going back and forth for deficiencies.  With his experience, he is in the know of the interview process and briefed us with its nuances. We got our VISA soon.

Thank you Mr.Ajmera for thorough professionalism in handling our immigrant VISA application.

Z & R. Nallaseth

(Mumbai,India – 2018)



Sri Lankan Murugan Hindu Temple, Montreal

When we were planning to build a traditional Hindu temple, as per the principles of Vaastu Shastra, in Montreal in 2003, we wanted to hire the services of Indian craftsmen and artisans who were proficient in the art of temple carving and decoration as per the ancient vedic principles. When we applied for their work permit, their applications were rejected by the Canadian government. Our then President, Mr. Umapathy was an acquaintance of Mr. Ajmera and he suggested that we approach Mr. Prashant Ajmera who was an expert in dealing with work permit cases. So we went to him with our rejection letters and explained to him our purpose. He immediately agreed to help us and also declared, much to our astonishment, that he will not charge us any fees, just administrative charges that he may incur. He said this was his contribution to the great task we had undertaken. We have been working with Mr. Ajmera ever since and his contribution toward building this temple complex cannot be underestimated. He has become a part of our large extended family of devotees even though we do not belong to the same country or religion. His selfless service and dedication to our cause will always be remembered with gratitude.

BAPS, Swaminarayan Temple, Toronto, Canada

The Law Firm of Prashant Ajmera & Associates has been rendering voluntary services to our religious organization for the past several years. Any matters related to immigration – visitor visas, work permit visas, permanent immigration, religious visas, etc. are all handled by Mr. Prashant Ajmera. He graciously denies accepting any fees for his services and we are very grateful to him for that. He has helped many of our fellow devotees in Canada and India in immigration matters. May Lord Swaminarayan bless him with success and happiness in all his endeavors.

Aslam Lakhani, Ahmedabad, India

I immigrated to Canada recently as an Investor under the Business Class Category. I am happy to report that I was very satisfied and pleased with the services of the Law Firm of Prashant Ajmera & Associates. I do not think that any other lawyer or law firm would have made so many efforts to ensure the success of my application. What I liked the most about the workings of this law firm is that they are extremely honest with their clients from day one – be it the outcome of the case, the fee structure or problems in the application. Many people do not like this forthrightness because they always want to hear that their case is good and will be surely accepted. They land up paying tons of money to phony consultants and incompetent lawyers only to discover after a long time that their case had no merits in the first place. By applying through Mr. Ajmera’s law firm, I saved a lot of time as well as money and unnecessary aggravation of failure. I sincerely thank Mr. Ajmera for all that and also for being such a good friend to my family and me.

Mitesh Patel, Ahmedabad, India

Prashant Ajmera has an enviable reputation in India and abroad, especially amongst the Gujarati community in India and expatriate Gujarati communities residing in Canada and USA. When I wanted to apply for immigration under the business class, only one name was suggested to me over and over again – Prashant Ajmera. Some of my good friends, who were his clients about 15 years ago and who are now settled in USA and Canada, told me that only Mr. Ajmera will be able to help me. I was curious to meet this man who still inspired so much goodwill among his old clients. I wondered why so many people considered him such an authority on business immigration. I have now known Prashantbhai for the past 10 years and I have found my answer. He is not only an expert in his subject but also a good human being who cares for his clients professionally as well as personally.

Vasant Patel, Baroda (India)

It was a pleasure working with Prashant Ajmera and his staff. They were all thorough professionals and delivered whatever they promised. Mr. Ajmera really works hard so ensure that his clients are always satisfied with his work

Ramesh Patel (Bochasan, India)

Thank you Prashantbhai for helping me obtain permanent residency. I know my case was quite complicated. However, I trusted you right from the start and was sure that if anyone could help me, it would be you. I am now prospering in my new country of residence, thanks to you. May you achieve lot of success in your business as well as personal life

Jagdish Patel (Borsad, India)

I applied for immigration to Canada under the Business Immigration Program through the law Firm of Prashant Ajmera & Associates and was granted permanent residency. I am now living my dream of living in Canada. My application was very well prepared and Prashantbhai accompanied us to Syria for our immigration interview. He worked very hard on our file and even now if we need any advice, we feel comfortable in approaching him because we know that he will always give us the right advice

Maulik Patel (Ahmedabad, India)

Initially, it was my father-in-law, Mr. Rameshbhai Patel, who was Prashantbhai’s client. He immigrated to Canada under the Business Immigration Program. He shared very good relations with Prashantbhai. After his arrival in Montreal, Canada, Prashantbhai had helped him to settle down, rent an apartment, buy a business and complete all government formalities. When his daughter (my wife) and son got married, my father-in-law entrusted the sponsorship applications to Prashantbhai. He was our family lawyer. Needless to say, our applications were approved without an interview and the entire process was completed in 3 months. Unfortunately before I could immigrate to Canada, my father-in-law passed away. Since he had been in Montreal only for a few months, he did not know many people and all our relatives were either in USA or India. Once again it was Prashantbhai who stood by us in our hour of need, He made all the arrangements for my father-in-law’s funeral and helped my mother-in-law and my wife to complete all the hospital formalities. We shall always be grateful to him for being a friend to our family and for always giving us the right counsel

Baldevbhai Patel (NJ, USA)

I was a very successful businessman in USA. However, due to visa issues I needed to file for permanent residency in a country where I would be able to prosper and grow just like in USA. When I met Prashantbhai, he advised me to apply for immigration to Canada under the Business Immigration Program. This way I could stay closer to USA and also conduct my business from Canada. I was hesitant at first because I did not want to leave USA and also because I did not know if I would be able to obtain permanent residency of Canada after investing so much money. So I decided to investigate Prashantbhai’s credentials. Whomever I asked had only good things to say about him. I met so many people from my own community who had immigrated to Canada and other countries through the Law Firm of Prashant Ajmera & Associates. They all told me not to hesitate for a minute because I was in good hands and if Prashantbhai told me that my application would be successful, it would be successful. They also told me that he never takes up cases where there is no chance of success. After hearing so much positive feedback, I approached Prashantbhai again and submitted an application under the Business Class. I am happy to report that all the comments I had heard about Prashantbhai were 100% true. He is an expert in his field and knows how to treat his clients. He is always very polite and respectful towards me and we never had any heated exchanges for whatever reason. I am happy to have hired his services and have recommended his name to several of my friends and family members who are in a similar situation as me.

Gulzar Ahmed (Karachi, Pakistan)

I am very grateful to Mr. Ajmera for helping me obtain immigration to Canada under the Investor Program. Before I approached Mr. Ajmera, I had met many consultants and lawyers in Pakistan for processing my application. However, none of them could convince me that they had the capability of handling my application. As everyone knows, business immigration applications are very complicated to prepare and they require a lot of expertise and knowledge, not only about immigration rules and regulations but also about how businesses are conducted, how companies are formed and registered, how they are managed, etc. Also, being from Pakistan, I needed help from someone who understood how we conduct business in countries like Pakistan, India and other Asian countries. A law firm from a Western country would never understand the complications and intricacies of our business world. When I met Mr. Ajmera, I was impressed with his knowledge of immigration and also how easily he understood my business documents. He gave me a precise list of documents and information I needed to gather in order to submit my application. There was no unnecessary running to notaries, translators or going back and forth with documents. This saved a lot of time, money and energy on my part. After my interview, when the officer was not satisfied with my documents, Mr. Ajmera worked hard to collect additional proof and related documents to convince the officer that I qualified for business immigration. His perseverance and expertise helped me immigrate to Canada. I shall always be thankful to him for this service.

Dr. Shahdev Vankwani (Karachi, Pakistan)

 Prashantbhai is like family to me. And you always have only good things to say about your family. He started out as my representative for business immigration but we ended up being good friends. He also visited me twice when he was on a business trip to Pakistan. He handled my case very professionally and never once gave me a chance to complain. He also came to Hong Kong to prepare my family and me for the immigration interview. Despite being such a successful professional, he is very down to earth and treats each and every client of his with respect. Even when clients are ignorant about certain important facts in their applications, he does not reprimand or degrade them. Instead he works with the clients, their accountants and employees to get the facts straight. He does not submit an application unless it is complete with all the necessary documentation just to please the client. He gives a realistic picture of the outcome, the time involved and the problems to be encountered right at the beginning. He does not believe in fooling his clients with wrong information or false promises. His honesty and integrity is the reason for his success.

Tariq Mehmood, (Lahore, Pakistan)

Mr. Ajmera was referred to me by a friend in Karachi, Pakistan, who insisted that if I wished to apply for business immigration, I must do it only through the law firm of Prashant Ajmera & Associates. I visited his office in Montreal, Canada and decided on the spot that I would apply for immigration through his law firm only  because he came across as a very genuine and honest person. He told me the problems in my case the very first time we met – no sweet talking, no sugar coated words to clinch the case. Yet, he assured me that if I cooperated with him and did as he said we could overcome the obstacles and put forth an application that was sure to be accepted.  He was always prompt in replying to my emails, instant messages and phone calls. Also, he never hesitated to communicate with me in Pakistan if something needed to be attended to. He never waited until I called or emailed to update me on the status of my application. I was very happy with his services. I will never hesitate to recommend his name to anyone because I know that that person will not be disappointed with my recommendation.

Ghanshyam Patel (SC, USA)

What can I write about Prashant Ajmera & Associates Law Firm and its services? I would be just repeating what hundreds of individuals have said before me – extremely professional, excellent work ethics, value for money, personal touch, and above all, great customer service. I was a business immigration client of Mr. Ajmera but now we are very good family friends who enjoy many outings and other activities together. This itself shows how Mr. Ajmera treats his clients. As far as his services go, the very fact that his law firm is still considered as one of the most professional and genuine organization in India, especially Gujarat, speaks volumes about the kind of service they offer.

Devchandbhai Patel (Amodra, Gujarat, India)

I have been fortunate to have filed my immigration application through your law firm. Because you and your staff speak Gujarati, I was very comfortable working with you from the very beginning. I had no hesitation in asking questions or seeking explanations. I was always made to feel welcome in your office as well as your home. You have worked very hard on my application and it is because of you that my family and I were able to obtain immigration to Canada. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and understanding.

Dinesh Patel (Himatnagar, India)

My case must have been one of the most difficult ones you have ever handled. There were so many complications, so many problems, so many regulation changes along the way. Yet through it all, you kept working on my application patiently and perseveringly. You never gave up or said it’s taking too much of my time so forget it. And finally, after a long wait, I was able to obtain immigration to Canada. It was a victory for me for sure but it would never have been possible if you hadn’t fought, pleaded and argued on my behalf to make sure justice was done. Through it all you never charged me an extra dime or demanded outrageous fees. When I arrived in Canada with my family, you made all the necessary arrangements for airport pickup, for our stay and for completing all government formalities. I wonder which other law firm or lawyer provides this kind of service. No wonder you and your firm are still going strong for the last 16 years when so many others have closed shop or absconded with their clients’ money. Keep up the good work is all I can say

Pankaj Patel (TN, USA)

You guys are just excellent. Many lawyers and law firms talk and advertise about business immigration but very very few can handle business immigration applications like you do. Hats off to your professionalism and attention to detail.

Dashrath Patel (GA, USA)

I have never visited your office, which may surprise many. But the truth is I never needed to! From day one, your conversations with me over the phone have been open, honest and straightforward. You communicated with me over the phone, via fax and courier in a timely and prompt manner and you provided superb service. You prepared me for my interview so that I would not have any difficulty in getting my immigration. You are our life long immigration professional. I have called you several times after my arrival in Canada for different personal as well professional problems and you have always been there to answer all my questions. I think you are so successful because you know how to maintain good relations with your clients and because you treat them as your friends. Money is not important to you, good relations with your clients is. I guess that’s why clients like me still keep referring your name to others because we are sure that they will find good value for their money

Mahendra Patel (Ahmedabad, India)

It is only because of you that my family and I are in Canada as business immigrants. I visited Montreal, Canada, for my business exploratory trip and you made me a part of your family for 10 days. It’s hard to find such professionalism in the immigration business in India nowadays. Most lawyers and consultants are only concerned with making quick money. They provide incorrect advice and most of the time do not even know what documents are required, what forms are to be filled or how to prepare an application. Working with your firm was like a breath of fresh air. No lies, no wrong advice, no exaggeration of facts and no work-for-money only approach. Thanks a lot to your whole team

Dharmendrasinh Chudasama (Gandhinagar, India)

I salute the level of professionalism you have shown in our business immigration application. Your firm embodies the two most important principles of good management – professional excellence and personal accountability. You accompanied us to our immigration interview in London, UK. Without your presence we would not have been so well-prepared to face the immigration officer and reply to all those difficult questions. You never lost your patience even when we bothered you with innumerable questions and phone calls. You treat your clients with respect and deal with each application as if it is the most important case you have ever taken up. In you we have found not only a good immigration professional but a lifelong friend.

Prakash Patel (Alindra, Gujarat, India)

I was a sticker manufacturer in India and the way in which you presented my case and my documents was incredible. You are the best. I am sure that if our application was handled by any other lawyer or consultant, we would never have received immigration to Canada. However, you handled our case so professionally, making sure everything was in place and no detail was missing. You were always available to answer all our questions. You never evaded us or our phone calls and were always forthright and truthful about the entire process from start to finish. More importantly, you still keep in touch with us and you welcome us in your home as a friend. You are a thorough professional yet a very warm person and that’s what makes your firm such a success. My best wishes will always be with you and your firm.

Ghanshyam & Renuka Patel (MI, USA)

I am very pleased with your service – that you spent hours with us on phone for preparing our application and also travelled to New York to prepare us for our interview and making sure that we received our immigration. I still do not believe that my family and I have received immigration to Canada. Now all of us are Canadian citizens and successfully operating a chain of Subway restaurants in Ontario. We cannot thank you enough for your efforts.

Rajnibhai Patel (TN, USA)

I immigrated to Canada from USA with my family. My eldest son was living in India at that time because he was unable to come to USA due to visa problems. However, with the help of Prashant Ajmera & Associates Law firm, it was possible for all of us to be reunited in Canada after obtaining permanent residency under the Business Immigration Program. We are all well settled and doing extremely well. All credit goes to your firm for excellent presentation of our case and for accompanying us at our interview.  The success of our application was only possible because of your professional approach and personal attention to detail

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