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L1 visa of USA and Intra company transfer visa

What is an Intra company transfer visa?

Intra company transfer visa is a visa issued to employees of multi-national companies who have been transferred from one country to another. It is safe to say that almost every country in the world offers an Intra company transfer visa. However, the basic requirements and process involved varies from one country to another.

A company who wishes to expand its business from the home country to a foreign country can avail of this visa to transfer its experienced employees to manage the new company.

In general Intra company transfer visas are issued to senior managers, executives and technical persons because of their experience and expertise.

Under this visa category, it is necessary to establish a relationship between the parent company and the new company as a subsidiary, branch, affiliated or holding company.

The parent company may also acquire an existing business, do joint venture or start a new operation.

If it is a new operation, the company must demonstrate its future plans, investment required and made, number of local people to be hired and economic benefit to the country where the new company will be incorporated.

This is the most economical visa and hence very popular amongst the senior executives, managers and technical persons of multinational companies.

This visa may be converted to permanent residency and eventually citizenship of the foreign country if the program requirements are met.