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Honest legal advice with complete confidentiality

1. Providing honest legal advice with complete confidentiality

Ajmera Law Group’s practice as a leading immigration law firm of India is built on the foundation of providing honest and truthful legal advice to each and every client.

As a law firm we maintain the highest ethical and professional standards when dealing with our esteemed clientele.

All communication with our clients is confidential and we do not share any client information with anyone under any circumstances.

Please note – Only Indian lawyers are authorized and licensed to practice immigration law in India and no other Indian professional can give immigration and visa related legal advice of any country.

2. Complete end to end services

Ajmera Law Group provides complete end to end services for global investment in different assets classes, including Residency and Citizenship by Investment.

International investment transactions are very complex and it becomes more complicated when investment is made for the purpose of obtaining residency or citizenship of another country. Each transaction requires the assistance of lawyers and related professionals in India and the concerned foreign destination.

For example, if a client is interested in investing in the USA to obtain a Green Card under the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, a single transaction may require the services of the following professionals to ensure a successful investment:

  • Indian immigration lawyer to prepare Indian documents and demonstrate source of funds
  • Indian notary, translator and real estate valuer
  • Indian chartered account to advise investor on Indian taxation and FEMA related matters
  • Indian financial institute to complete the transaction and wire the investment to USA
  • USA immigration lawyer to submit the EB-5 petition to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)
  • USA commercial real estate broker to present business investment opportunities to the investor
  • USA securities lawyer to ensure investment offering is in compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • USA business plan writer to devise a business plan for the new business in which the investor desires to make an investment

Ajmera Law Group, with its 25 plus years of experience, has established an extensive professional network with leading immigration lawyers and related professionals in more than 30 countries, thus helping clients complete their financial transactions with ease.

3. Tailor made solutions

Ajmera Law Group provides tailor made solutions to clients that are unique to their needs and objectives. Our four-step process involves:

  • Collect data and information: We gather detailed information from our clients and analyze the facts.
  • Understand objectives: We try to understand the client’s objective(s) for investing in a foreign country such as – children’s education and future settlement, business expansion, succession planning, global citizenship, etc.
  • Legal opinion: Based on the information received and object of the client, we assess the chances of success of every case and provide the client with a legal opinion based on this assessment.
  • Legal options: If the chances of success are high, we provide our clients with several investment options in the preferred asset class, along with the pros and cons of each viable option.

4. Multiple country solution

We are the only immigration firm in India which actively provides immigration and visa services for than 25 countries of the world.

5. Focusing on the best interests of the client

As a law firm we act and advise only in the best interests of our client. We do not promote or suggest any real estate project or a particular product/asset class to avoid conflict of interest. However, we may suggest the best investment options if so requested.

6. Associated with the best law firms and professionals

International investment and immigration requires the involvement of several professionals. ALG associates with only the best immigration lawyers, related professionals and real estate developers in different countries to provide optimum services to our clients.

7. Our fees

We are transparent and upfront about our legal fees. They are clearly mentioned in the retainer and service agreement signed by the client. Third party professional fees have to be paid on an actual basis. Our fees include  charges for providing legal services and the expenses incurred by us and do not include fees payable to other professionals in India such as document translators, notaries, fees for language testing examinations, assessment of educational qualifications, real estate valuation reports, government fees and service fees charged by foreign immigration lawyers and other professionals.

8. Legal agreements

We sign a detailed retainer agreement, service agreement and 3rd party agreement with every client with clearly mentioned terms and conditions to avoid any dispute, misunderstanding and confusion.

9. Transparent transactions

Once a client hires our firm’s services, we liaison with different immigration lawyers and professionals and the client is introduced to each of them as the investment process progresses.

10. What is included in our services?

Global investment and Residency and Citizenship by Investment are complex matters and generally involve the following:

  • Collecting information from client
  • Understanding client’s needs and objectives for foreign investment
  • Initial analysis of the information provided by the client
  • Providing various options for destination country and investment options along with pros and cons
  • Signing of retainer agreement and payment of fees
  • Assisting and advising client for collection of the various documents
  • Collection of detailed information and documents from client in a timely manner
  • Preparing detailed profile of the client along with source of funds which is the most important aspect of any global investment or Residency and Citizenship by Investment application
  • Approaching and appointing foreign immigration lawyers and other professionals for investment and RCI applications
  • Initiating three-way communication with these professionals to maintain transparency of the process
  • Updating and apprising client on a regular basis when new information is received or requested
  • Reviewing client’s documents and transmitting them to our foreign associates
  • Coordinating directly or indirectly with banks in India for remitting the investment amount
  • Submission of RCI application by foreign immigration lawyer and regular follow ups as and when necessary
  • Receiving residency and/or citizenship of the client
  • Disinvestment of investment if requested by the client
  • Such other necessary services to ensure success of the application/investment


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