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December 21, 2017

Canada Business Immigration – PNP Entrepreneur Programs -10 options available

Canada Business Immigration programs – under Provincial Nominee Business Immigration Program  (PNP) – 10 options to choose from!!!

Canada is a pioneer in Business Immigration program and always remained forefront in coming up with new programs and options to attract the entrepreneur from all over the world.

Due to businessmen’s attraction to set up business in the major city of Canada such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, the federal government of Canada has signed up an agreement with various provincial governments, which has developed their own Business Immigration programs for SMEs and also for farmers in some provinces.  This has allowed businessmen to choose from 10 business Immigration programs of Canada knows as PNP Entrepreneur business immigration programs.

Here are in general requirement range:

  1. The investor must have assets in the amount of CD$ 600,000 to $ 800,000;
  2. Two to three years of Business Experience as an owner or senior executive of a company.
  3. A business exploratory trip to Canada for 2-3 weeks and
  4. A detailed business plan with a complete understanding of the viability and legality of the business to be started in Canada
  5. Job creation for 2-3 people for the Canadian citizens or permanent residence.
  6. IELTS band of 4 or 5

The businessmen are allowed to open a new business, purchase an existing business or make a partnership with local businesses.

If a businessman has not taken his business exploratory trip and met government departments, professionals, business association, business counterparts and find out about the rules and regulation for the operation of a business, find data for his business and make a detailed business plan, we believe officer will not be satisfied that you are a serious businessman and your application is not likely to receive a favorable assessment.

Please note that amount and requirement shown are minimum as guidelines only. If a businessman does not show his commitment to start and operate the business himself he will have difficulty getting his application approved.

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