March 21, 2023

As a wanderer and a student, your travel bucket list undoubtedly includes the land of a maple leaf, which is none other than Canada. It is known as maple leaf’s land not only because they are grown across the country but also because it signifies unity.

The picturesque beauty, multicultural society, word class education, friendly policies, supportive government, excellent career opportunities, and of course, good money are some of the reasons the country attracts a high amount of Indian immigrants as travelers, work professionals, and obviously students.

While travelers and students show great enthusiasm and dedication for their visa approval, there are some who misuse their zeal for personal and monetary benefits. Therefore, if you are looking to travel to Canada from India, you need to be aware of a few things or rules laid down by the Canadian government to save your visa from rejection and your money from scammers.

As a leading Canada immigration lawyer in India, we are listing those rules to make things easy for you.

Hiring a Visa Agent v/s Immigration Lawyer in India

As an Indian, it is possible to apply for a Canadian visa by yourself or through an agent, also known as a representative in the North American country – Canada. These agents in India are not regulated and licensed by the Government of India and hence you should be extremely careful before you hire these agents or consultants in India. In compare to that an immigration lawyer in India can provide you better service and assess your case before the application is submitted.

The Canadian government considers lawyers, Quebec notaries, consultants, or paralegals who are registered with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants as authorized agents or representatives. In case you choose to proceed with a paid or unpaid unauthorized agent or representative, your application may be returned or refused. Therefore, be aware and choose your representatives wisely.

It will be wise to pay small fees and get a legal opinion in writing rather than depending oral promise made by agents.

Repercussion of Fraud

Attaching or sending fake documents with your visa application is nothing short of a crime. It is a serious fraud that can land you in serious consequences wherein your application will suffer rejection, you will not be able to apply for the upcoming five years, and you can face a charge or registration of permanent fraud with IRCC.

You will be responsible even if it is your representative’s idea to submit fake documents or cook a story on your visa application. Hence, make it a point not to sign a blank form or application handed over by the representative. Also, ensure the accuracy of the information and supporting documents before signing the application.

Cost of Application 

The official website of the Canadian government lists the tentative cost of application, which is as follows.

Visitor visa₹6,000 ($100)
Work permit₹9,300 ($155)
Open work permit₹15,500 ($255)
Study permit₹9,100 ($150)
Biometrics₹5,100 ($85)

There is no distinction concerning gender, course, number of applications, and more when it comes to the cost you need to bear for your permit or visa application. It remains the same for everyone. Thus, you should be aware of scammers charging hefty amounts just for the application in the name of surety.

Remember, no one, including representatives with a high success ratio, can assure you of a visa, permit, or PR. Another thing to know is that you can schedule a biometric appointment for free and only need to bear the cost of samples taken at the center. In addition, the authorities will automatically issue visas without any additional cost once your work or study permit is given a green signal.

Student Visa Scams 

There are lot many student visa scams going around in the market. As a Canada immigration consultant in Ahmedabad, we remind you that no lawyer, consultant, or even a representative can guarantee a visa, especially in the absence of an acceptance letter. So, do not pay and trust firms or individuals trying to scam you with visa or permit assurance.

Some things to consider before applying for a study permit are.

  • Ensure that your educational facility is Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
  • Do not apply for a student visa or study permit without an acceptance letter.
  • Pay your academic fees directly to the institution.
  • Check if your institution offers help for international students.

Unreal Job Opportunities

It is a general case scenario that internet fraud will lure people in the name of permanent job offers in Canada. However, it is not a piece of cake either for you to secure a job in Canada or for a Canadian company to open a position for foreign residents.

In reality, Canadian companies should try to hire talents from their country. In case it doesn’t work, the organization needs the government’s approval in the form of a document that states permission to recruit people from foreign countries. The document is known as labour market impact assessment (LMIA) and costs about $1,000 CAN, which is around ₹60,200 for every individual they wish to recruit. Think and research twice or thrice about the company and opportunity before paying your agent for the offer and help.

Wrapping Up

Don’t let anyone hinder your dream to settle, work or study in Canada. The country offers various visas with different eligibility criteria, and for business or investment enthusiasts, Canada is also open to citizenship through investment options.

Be sure to apply for a visa through an authorized agent or representative for a smooth process, and to know more about Canadian citizenship by investment for Indian, contact us.

Collect information, think & make plan before you decide to study & settle abroad

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